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OnlinePaper – Simple Ideas, Phenomenal Results! Guaranteed Engagement.

Helping to identify, showcase and improve on the talent market we cater to a billion dollar industry where talent meets requirements and needs assessments of organizations are fulfilled, OnlinePaper addresses the potential with the ultimate goal of fulfilling needs.

We take on a new perspective on the idea of people search, by far it is the next generation of recruitment – just around the corner.. This is also designed to test your ability to think at the higher cognitive levels there are Exams are designed not to just test how much you remember or understand about a subject. This online resource is an archive for exam preparation that will provide you with essential tips. You can visit anytime to learn about the subject matter and The blog site has a number of articles which address the issue about exam preparation. This is designed to give you ideas and strategies to help you achieve success in taking Ssc,Banking,Railways and helpful for any goverment or non goverment exams.

Authorized Panel

Two panels are provided in this portal:-

Institute (Owner)

  1. Institute has rights to generate paper keys through which students can active their exam packages.
  2. Institute can view Reports of students and their activates.


  1. Students can buy packages through their panel and start their exam.
  2. After the exam students get their result and solution on his panel.


  1. Institute can buy the software only with Rs. 5,000/- for 1 Year.
  2. Additional 60% from Student Registration

Demo Account

  1. For Demo Account Institute can Visit our site: http://onlinepaper.in
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